Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting Started

We had our first official day of homeschooling yesterday and I, myself, have already learned several lessons:

1. Don't be afraid to skip through curriculum that your child has already mastered.
2. Don't start "school" in the afternoon.
3. Don't give in to your child's pleas to take a nap because that will only result in them not going to sleep until 10 o'clock at night.

And MOST importantly, NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances, address your child as such: "I am not your mommy right now, I am your teacher." Because as soon as this pops out of your mouth, you will immediately realize your vast error in not thinking before you speak...and getting said child to stop sobbing will only take away from your planned school time and result in the aforementioned exhaustion that will result in a nap that will THEN result in said child NOT sleeping til all hours of the night.

And if you still manage to get in some good lessons after all that, it's only by the Grace of God and certainly not the result of any schooling you managed to bluster through.

That being said, we accomplished a few things yesterday:

1. Reagan worked on mastering scissors. We have a special pair of scissors that has an extra piece that helps the children to make the scissor motion. I purchased them at the Dollar Tree and they have no identifying labels on them..I HAVE to find out who made these because every mother needs a pair for her children!
2. We worked on pre-writing skills...zigzags, circles, lines.
3. We studied the Creation of the world.
4. We talked about division and worked with rocks and cups to illustrate division.

Not much, but it was a start! Whew! Tomorrow I'll post our activity for Creation and some other things we're doing!

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