Monday, August 30, 2010

Interesting Article Regarding Children In Church

Where I grew up we had Sunday school but then all the children, except babies of course, were expected to sit through worship service. Yes, there were the cheerios, and drinks of water and coloring on the back of attendence cards...and even, dare I say it? The occassional trips outside to the switch bush. But we were IN church. Absorbing through osmosis, if nothing else, the way we were to worship, the amazing truth of the Bible and the soul-moving hymns that had been sung for a century or more.

Today, I attend a church with my husband and daughter where all the children 6th grade and under go downstairs for "Jr. Church". At first I was happy there was something to entertain my daughter while I worshipped. But I still felt uncomfortable. When, exactly, was I supposed to be teaching her how to behave and worship in church? After 6th grade? Surely I wasn't supposed to wait that long.

And then, I stumbled across this article. Now this is something that truly makes sense. Teaching our children the same way I was taught how to behave in church, how to worship God and all those amazing wonderful true stories that the Bible shares with us.

I think I'll be rethinking taking Reagan to Jr. Church from now on.

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