Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Eggs-periment

This weekend our family visited the Imagination Station in Toledo, Ohio. It was a fun break and Reagan enjoyed the Dino Dig area immensely. I wish I could say I had pictures to share with you, but I forgot that my camera was in my bag (oy vey) and so....no pictures unfortunately.

HOWEVER, before we left to visit the museum, we checked out some cool science experiment ideas on their website and we were able to replicate this one at home.

First, take a glass and fill it with vinegar (they use white vinegar, all we had on hand was apple cider vinegar) and drop a raw egg into it (carefully!)

Next--the easy part (lol!) let it sit. Overnight our egg shell was completely eaten away by the acid in the vinegar (the acid eats the calcium in the shell). The scum you see floating on top of the vinegar is the calcium.

The membrane of the egg was still there so that the egg looked jelled..but it was still raw!

We let it sit a few more days and our egg began to swell because the membrane is permeable so vinegar was actually moving into our egg. We popped it open to show that it was still raw.

Reagan thought this was the coolest experiment. I bet your kids will too!

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