Saturday, March 12, 2011

An update

The past year went by so fast and it seems like this year is reaching a unbelievable rate of speed as well! I was so sure that the 2010-2011 school year was going to be Reagan's Kindergarten year (although she was starting out as 3.5 year old) and although she definitely is intelligent enough, she certainly was no where near the maturity level needed.

And that was fine. We've adjusted and have enjoyed continuing preschool. Some days we have school and some days we don't..and we pursue other interests-play dates, story times, book buddies, going on 'field trips' or just doing all the things that take up the daily business of life. And Mommy has learned quite a bit about rushing things....

I don't believe we'll consider next year a Kindergarten year either, although she'll certainly be old enough-5 in December 2011. But we're also not considering it a preschool year. We're just going to learn and enjoy ourselves without any grade labels. (Our state doesn't require compulsory attendance/homeschooling til age 7 so we are still way ahead of the game!)

That being said, after much much more research than I ever intended and after having said that I was going to go with a certain curriculum, only to realize that although it would work for me, it certainly would NOT work for Reagan (we have very different learning styles), I think we've made a final decision for next year's materials.

Next year, and possibly next if she enjoys it, we're going to use My Father's World (Kindergarten-yes, although we're not considering this a Kindergarten or Preschool year!) I like that it's Biblical based, it's a completely contained curriculum and it has tons of activities-which is a big bonus for Reagan. She learns best by doing hands on work.

We'll continue supplementing with other materials as well that I've found and really want to use with her. I'll continue to update and post links to some fun things we're learning and websites I've found that have really helped us!

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